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Eagleseye IT services is run by Dave Eagle in Higham Ferrers, Northamptonshire.

He has been involved with IT since taking his first job in a science laboratory in 1988.
Despite very little IT involvement up to that point, he quickly found he had a natural flair for anything computer related.
This was very quickly noticed and became more involved in anything IT related in the lab.
Late in his science career he was poached into Unilever's Helpdesk at Sharnbrook.
He is currently the IT administrator for a medical diagnostics research company.
His in-depth knowledge of the scientists needs enables him to configure the IT systems so that it works for everyone.
He was a valuable member of the parent companies (Alere International) Global Infrastructure Team for two years.
Here, he learnt much more about larger business systems, virtual machines and Cisco networking devices.
While working with the GI Team he was solely responsible for rolling out a new anti-virus package across not only the UK, but Africa, China, South Africa and Australia.
He has years of experience helping out friends and family with IT related issues.

So as well as knowing the big business picture, he also has extensive experience how most people use their systems at home.

His experience in teaching enables him to do home tutoring, to help people use their computers much more effectively to achieve their goals and needs.

Eagleseye Services

Telephone 07917 177715 for these services offered by Eagleseye IT.

Small Business Users

Setting up or Expanding? Domain capturing seem a real faff? You might need to move from a POP3 E Mail service over to an Exchange hosted service, where you can share mailboxes and calendars. I can help with all of these situations and advise on the most cost-effective way for you to achieve them.
I have no ties to any other companies and I only charge for my time.

Home Users

As a home user you sometimes need a little bit of guidance when things go wrong or you don't quite understand what's happening.
Whether it's tackling a problem with your PC or laptop, Apple Mac or problems like getting a printer to work, or just need simple guidance on how to use some commonly available software, I can help.
I only charge for my time, so give me a call.

Home IT Tuition

We all hate those annoying and frustrating IT issues make you feel stupid and inadequate? How often have you needed a helping hand alongside to help you sort out those niggling issues running your software? Do you need a little help using Powerpoint, Excel or Word? Or do you have any other IT related questions / problems? Having completed a teaching qualification (PGCE) I can adapt my teaching style to suit your way of learning. I produce comprehensive guides while you are training so you have a lasting reference to help you long after I've gone.

"The only stupid question, is the question that doesn't get asked".

Data Recovery

We all know that sinking feeling when you realise you have just deleted some important folders or files from a disk, or your computer has died. Before you do anything else - STOP! NOT ALL IS LOST. When files are deleted they haven't quite gone. You may not know it but they will still exist on the disk, so they may be able to be recovered quite easily. I have software that can retrieve deleted files, so if you do find yourself in that situation, STOP using the disk immediately and give me a call. If you have used the disk since deleting them, then any files you may have have deleted from the disk could possibly be overwritten and may not be able to be recovered. I only charge for my time, and I won't charge you if no files can be recovered. So what have you got to lose, apart from your data?

Customer Comments

Here are some of the fabulous comments that my customers say about me.

  • Small Business User

    Gave IT Advice

    "To sort lots of little niggles is great - surprising how much time you lose doing things the hard way!".

  • Home Student

    HOme Tuition Given

    "Dave has been tutoring me in my own home for many months. Not only is he extremely patient, but pitches his tuition to my level of competence. He does not teach in IT jargon as some tutors do, but in a down-to-earth and easy to understand fashion. I would recommend him to anyone who needs an extremely knowledgeable and patient tutor".

  • Home User

    Resolved their IT Problems

    "Thank you sooooooo very very much Dave for sorting out our lap tops connecting them to the Wifi!".

  • Small Business User

    Set up IT Systems

    "We have used Eagleseye IT Services for over 5 years. He came to us as a recommendation and we would not hesitate to recommend him to others. Dave has carried out system builds and upgrades to the network, working outside normal working hours to minimise the disruption to the daily running of the company".

  • Small Business User

    Set up their IT Systems

    "I really like the flexibility that Dave has for curing my IT problems. He has come evenings and weekends and likes to cure problems on site. Always friendly and efficient I would recommend Eagleseye IT Services for IT service and advice".

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Please get in touch. No IT problem too small or too big.


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