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Eagleseye Observatory is a private observatory dedicated to viewing and imaging the night sky (or even the day sky) when the British weather system allows.

The Observatory is situated in the town of Higham Ferrers, Northamptonshire, England.

Despite being situated on a housing estate and coupled with light pollution from nearby Wellingborough and Kettering, surprisingly astronomy and imaging is still possible from this location.

The observatory has excellent horizons towards the South and West being situated as it is on the side of a valley.

Eagleseye Observatory is dedicated to bringing the universe to the public. Dave Eagle the owner of the observatory has for decades written a monthly guide to the night sky called "Eagles Eye On The Sky". This web-based guide is written from a British perspective, but is visited and enjoyed by observers from around the globe and owes its origin to the centre spread article of the newsletter of Bedford Astronomical Society which he founded in 1987.


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Eagles Eye On The Sky.

Eagleseye - December 2007.