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Thank you to my fabulous audience and readers for the great comments I have received about my presentations, book and workshops:

“Thanks for a great day at the workshop. Hopefully I took most of the information in and can retrieve it when needed 🙂 Anyway I learnt a great deal and things aren’t quite as dark now.”

“Really found your course interesting and I understand more things now”.

“An excellent workshop once again – I gained a lot out of this and two nice pictures.  I was chuffed they were my subs resulting in my images”.

“Really enjoyed today, thanks Dave. Feeling even more inspired now!”

“Thanks for a fantastic talk as always Dave – and I now know comet nomenclature! Bonus!”

As ever with Dave E, it was an entertaining and informative evening. He always delivers, a great evening.”
“I just wanted to say what a great presentation you did tonight on the Rosetta mission. A perfect combination of facts, Images, Videos and FUN.”

“I would recommend Dave’s new Astrophotography Workshop to all, he brings together knowledge and enthusiasm, passing it on to those of all skill levels.”

“I was so looking forward to this ‘hands- on’ course and it lived up to beyond my expectations – I was so enthused I carried on when I got home – thanks Dave you have the patience of a saint – can’t wait for the next one!”

“Thank you again for a well run workshop and I would be very interested in any other workshops you may have in the pipe line. As you said a lot to take on. As I’m new to all of this but I come away from the workshop knowing a lot more than before.”

“Wow, that was some talk last night.  Our members were certainly buzzing with enthusiasm about it and very complimentary about your delivery. Thank you for a very entertaining and informative evening.”

“Dave Eagle’s “From Casual Stargazer to Amateur Astronomer” is a truly wonderful book, a guiding hand that will lead you from losing hope in ever observing anything interesting again, to being inspired and motivated to observe anything and everything and to really observe it and not just look at it”. Review on Astromadness.com

“”Dave Eagle’s ‘From Casual Stargazer to Amateur Astronomer’ is a truly wonderful book … to being inspired and motivated to observe anything and everything and to really observe it and not just look at it. It functions exceedingly well at really showing the reader how to go from basics to paying close attention to what, when and how you observe and record. Highly recommended!”

“I have read it twice now and I must say that it is simply the most valuable book I have read on the topic so far. Many thanks for lighting the way!”.

“I would like to thank you on behalf of our members for an interesting, stimulating and a beautifully presented lecture”.

“Thanks for a fantastic talk, a really good presentation last week, I’m sure all enjoyed it. Have a good Christmas and a Healthy and Happy New Year. P.S. See you next year”.

“Fantastic talk tonight on Rosetta & Philae lander, really enjoyed it!”

“Thank you so much for that amazing talk last night “.

“Fantastic talk from @DaveEagle45 about Rosetta & the plucky lander Philae. So much more science still to come from the mission too!”

“Excellent talk as always from last night. Looking forward to see you at our local club sometime soon”.

“Huge thanks to for his lecture on and 67p last night. Very enjoyable evening “.

“A fantastic talk tonight about Rosetta”.

“I thought I would drop you a quick message to thank you for your talk last week. I found it most interesting and it reinvigorated my waning interest in image processing.”

“…as is always expected from Dave, exceptionally researched. The visuals and facts presented were a reflection of Dave’s enthusiasm for the subject”.

“Just a quick note to say thanks for a very informative and entertaining evening last Thursday. It went down a storm. Members comments were very positive, and everyone could appreciate the amount of work that goes into such a presentation, which you obviously enjoy delivering”.

“Great talk tonight by Dave Eagle. Facts delivered with plenty of stunning photographs, video clips and humour”.

“Just a brief message to thank you for your fantastic talk tonight. We have had many memorable speakers over the years and your presentation was most definitely in that category. Your enthusiasm was very evident and I can honestly tell you that it ended far too soon. Thanks for a riveting talk and hope to see you back again”.

“Just thought I would thank you for your talk on Tuesday, one of the best and informative talks we have had. Thanks hope to see you in the future”.

“Dear Dave, Excellent talk and I’d like to book you for later in the year”.

“I would like to take this opportunity, on behalf of the Society, in thanking you very much for coming along to give an excellent, interesting and entertaining presentation”.

“Just to say thank you for a very interesting and enjoyable talk last night, you mentioned that you have other talks in your repertoire, could you please email details of them for possible future visits”.

“Dave was absolute rubbish! He knew nothing about astrology, and couldn’t tell my fortune!”.
OK, OK, so I made this last one up; but the others are real comments that have been sent to me or posted on social media.

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Talk Schedule for 2015.

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Wow! What a busy few weeks it’s been.
Bookings for my presentations have been flooding in for this year.

Below is my current list of bookings for this year, so if you’re near any of these, come along, enjoy my presentation and say “Hello”.

6th January – Open University Astronomy Club.

5th February – Peterborough Astronomical Society.

6th February – Stanion Stargazers.

13th February – Coventry & Warwickshire Astronomical Society.

25th February – Sawtry Astronomical Society.

17th March – Northants Amateur Astronomers.

18th March – North Essex Astronomical Society.

31st March – Birmingham Astronomical Society.

7th April – Lincoln Astronomical Society.

15th May – Cambridge Astronomical Association.

27th May – Bedford Astronomical Society.

11th June – Cardiff Astronomical Society.

23rd June – Leicester Astronomical Society.

6th August – Wallsall Astronomical Society.

26th August – Bedford Astronomical Society.

1st September – Open University Astronomy Club.

1st October – Harleston Women’s Institute, Near Northampton.

1st October – Nene Valley Astronomical Society.

10th October – Stanion Stargazers Cosmocamp Mini Expo.

26th October – Wolverhampton Astronomical Society.

9th December – Worksop & District Photographic Society.


13th January – Hertford Astronomy group.

25th February – Luton Astronomical Society.

18th March – Milton Keynes Astronomical Society.

19th April – Olney & District Historical Society.

12th october – Hertford Astronomy group.

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Observers Guide to Comet ISON

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My Observers guide to Comet ISON for later this year and into 2014 has just been published.

It is currently available on Amazon Kindle download:


Containing maps and charts to help you find the comet while observing and costing less than a pint of beer, how could you not?





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I am willing to attend local clubs and other organisations to give talks and presentations on the subjects of Astronomy, Finding your way around the sky, Practical Astronomical Observing, Astrophotography and Space flight.

I also have some talks covering Natural History and Photography.

I am usually visit places within about 2 hours drive of my home in Northamptonshire, although I will travel further on request.

My standard charges are £30 per presentation plus fuel expenses.

These are not just static picture presentations, many of my talks also include video and sound.
Truly multi-media productions.

As well as local astronomical societies I have presented to local business and social groups as well as schools and youth organisations.

I can also organise hands-on activities for schools to enhance classroom lessons to meet the current Earth & Sky curriculum, or just for fun.

I have a Post Graduate Certificate in Education and am able to adapt my presentations to suit any audience.

How about arranging star party for your group?
I can visit your location where we can stand out under the night sky.
I can point out some of our wonderful heavenly objects and show you them through a portable telescope.
If it’s cloudy I have plenty of presentations showing the night sky in all its glory.

My current presentations include:

Out of the Darkness:
Pluto & New Horizons.
A historical look at our lost planet and all the latest results from the fantastic mission of NASA’s New Horizons encounter with Pluto and its moons.
Rosetta & Philae. From Concept to Reality.
An overview of the Rosetta Mission, capturing the excitement of November 12th 2014 when Philae “landed” on the comet and all the latest images and results from Comet 67P.
Why The Universe doesn’t give a Fig about you.
Looking at the unlikely circumstances of life on Earth and the prevalent conditions in the universe that make our very existence extremely precarious.
A Whistle-Stop Tour of the Universe: (Hitch-Hiking on a Ray of Light)
A journey out from the Earth out to the very edge of our observable universe, visiting objects of interest along the way.
What better excuse excuse to show some wonderful images?
Comets, Enigmatic and Beautiful Visitors.
A look at comets in history and now all the hype has died along with the comet, what did we learn from Comet ISON?
Piazzi Smyth and his High Altitude Tenerife Observatory.
The changing life of Piazzi Smyth and his trip to Tenerife to study the night sky “above the Grosser Clouds”
In the Footsteps of Piazzi Smyth: Amateur Observing in Tenerife.
My adventures as an amateur astronomer  in Tenerife imaging the sky, following in the footsteps of Charles Piazzi Smyth. 
The Voyager Missions: From Earth to Eternity.
A look at the spectacular Voyager Missions and the wonderful pictures and invaluable science they sent back from the outer planets and beyond.
 How to Get Started in Astronomy.
(The Painless Way).
Practical advice on starting out in Astronomy and some of the pitfalls to avoid along the way.
The History of Manned Space flight (The Space Race).
Man’s first steps into space, The race against the USSR and USA  with the culmination of the spectacular Apollo Lunar Landings.
Whales, Wildlife & The Quest for the Green Flash.
An extraordinary and unforgettable boat trip around  Baja California and the Sea of Cortez Whale watching and  a most touching experience.
Galapagos – In the Footsteps of Charles Darwin.
The wildlife and landscape of The Galapagos Islands and problems from  Man’s invasion of these stunning  volcanic islands.
The Cape Crusaders.
The American Manned Space Program, from the original Mercury Seven astronauts through Apollo to The Space Shuttle.
The Apollo Moon Missions.
The history of the development and spectacular achievements of the of the Apollo Lunar Landings.
Mars: The Red Planet.
Past Earth observations and Robot Missions investigating the nature of The Red Planet.
Digitally Enhancing Astronomical Images.
Taking astrophotography a little further, using a driven telescope and more advanced image processing techniques.
 The History of Astrophotography.
Looking at the advances of  astrophotography from early photographic pioneers to the advances of modern CCD imaging.
 The Great Apollo Lunar Hoax (Did they really land on the Moon?).
Investigating the evidence given to show why the Apollo Astronauts didn’t visit the Moon.
Basic DSLR Astrophotography.
Demonstration of easy beginners astrophotography and some simple image processing.

Please contact me for further information or to arrange your talk. 


Dave Eagle.

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Eagleseye Observatory

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Eagleseye Observatory is a private observatory dedicated to viewing and imaging the night sky (or even the day sky) when the British weather system allows.

The Observatory is situated in the town of Higham Ferrers, Northamptonshire, England.

Despite being situated on a housing estate and coupled with light pollution from nearby Wellingborough and Kettering, a surprising amount of astronomy and imaging is still possible from this location.

The observatory has excellent horizons towards the South and West being situated as it is on the side of a valley.

Eagleseye Observatory is dedicated to bringing the universe to the public.

Dave Eagle, the owner of the observatory, has for decades written a monthly guide to the night sky called “Eagles Eye On The Sky”.
This web-based guide is written from a British perspective, but is visited and enjoyed by observers from around the globe.

Its origin is due to the regular contribution to Bedford Astronomical Societies Newsletter, being the regular center spread article, since 1987.

Eagles Eye On The Sky.

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About Me

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View Dave Eagle's profile on LinkedIn

I have been interested in astronomy since I can remember. As a very young boy I used to gaze up at the night sky and wonder how it all fitted together. That puzzle didn’t start to unravel properly until the age of 9 when I suddenly “discovered” The Plough for myself. Once I had a start on the sky I gradually learnt my way around the visible constellations and learning the positions of all the “Celestial Lollypops” like the Messier objects. I started observing with some old 10×50 binoculars gradually moving onto a small refractor bought by my parents for Christmas. Living in North London I first met other kindred souls at South West Herts Astronomy Society but the distance of their meetings and being too young to drive, meant I could only attend a few meetings. One look at Saturn through their large reflector had me hooked even more. I was also a member of Hampstead Scientific Society for a while and was an assistant at their observatory on the heath using a fabulous 6″ Cooke refractor. From my time here I learnt a lot from other members. As a teenager my attention was directed elsewhere but my interest in astronomy was rekindled in 1985 when, as a newly married man and with my daughter well on the way, Halley’s comet returned and I bought my first serious scope, a 3 inch refractor.

In 1987, tired of observing all on my own, I established the Bedford Astronomical Society where I built some wonderful friendships. It has been a successful and flourishing society ever since. I am also a member of Northampton Natural History Society and am involved in organising their events.

I was Editor of the Handbook of the Federation of Astronomical Societies for a few years and elected a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society in 1996. I have been the astronomer leading Hale-Bopp and Aurora flights for members of the public.

I have a degree in Biology, also training as a science teacher, obtaining a Post Graduate Certificate in Education. I am currently working as an IT Administrator, also dabbling at times in my old role as a Research Scientist for a small diagnostics company in Thurleigh, Bedfordshire.

I spend a lot of my spare time observing and imaging, when clouds allow. When they don’t allow, it gives me time to hone my skills using software to get the most from my hard-earned images.

My other interests are other disciplines in science as well as Natural History and Photography

My wife and I enjoy travelling and we have been fortunate enough to enjoy amongst other things seeing exotic wildlife in The Galapagos Islands and the life-changing experience of petting Gray Whales in calm, warm sea-water lagoons in Mexico. Both locations a naturalists and photographers paradise. The darkness of the night skies in the Sea of Cortez were also fantastic. A trip to Iceland enabled us to see the fantastic landscape as well as the northern lights in all their glory.

I have now established my own permanent observatory where the convenience of opening up and almost instantly observing makes the hobby even more enjoyable and convenient. Unfortunately living where I do provides me with a constant battle against the scourge of light pollution. Two street lights that shine directly into the garden give me lots of grief.
But I am still amazed at times how much I can achieve, even with these obvious limitations that drive other observers / imagers to give up.

I have written articles for many of the British astronomy publications and supplied images to illustrate astronomy articles for photographic magazines.
I have also appeared regularly on local radio discussing many different aspects of astronomy.
In 2013 I was proud to have my first astronomy book published by Springer.

I also give talks and presentations on astronomy and space flight to schools, social groups, youth groups and astronomical societies or anyone else who is interested in finding out more about the night sky and am a STEMNET Ambassador.

I am not only restricted to astronomy, I also have some wildlife and photography presentations that I can give to other interested groups.

I can organise a trip to schools with interactive sessions and seeing the Sun in Hydrogen Alpha light. I especially enjoy trying to get others to get out and appreciate the sky and all its wonders under a clear sky. I can also organise these for your group or school.

But that’s enough about me.

Astronomy like all hobbies should be fun. So get out in the fresh air and enjoy it.

Keep Looking Up!

Want to get in touch?

E Mail me dave@eagleseye.co.uk

Eagles Eye On The Sky.

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