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I am willing to attend local clubs and other organisations to give talks on the subjects of Astronomy, Spaceflight, Wildlife and Photography.

I have lectured to local business groups and social groups as well as schools and youth organisations.
I have a Post Graduate Certificate in Education and can adapt my talks to suit any audience.

How about arranging star party for your group?
We will stand out under the sky where I can point out some of our wonderful heavenly objects and show you them through a portable telescope. If its cloudy I have plenty of presentations showing the night sky in all its glory.

Current titles include:

Hitch-Hiking on a Ray of Light: A Whistle-Stop Tour of the Universe.

Comets, Enigmatic and Beautiful Visitors.
What do we know and what can we learn from Comet ISON and Rosetta?

The Rosetta Probe. The Mission and Results from Comet 67P.

Piazzi Smyth and his High Altitude Tenerife Observatory.

In the Footsteps of Piazzi Smyth: Amateur Observing in Tenerife.

Astronomy Is Looking Up: Finding your way around the sky.

The History of Manned Spaceflight (The Space Race).

Whales, Wildlife & The Quest for the Green Flash. (Whale watching in Baja California).

Galapagos – In the Footsteps of Charles Darwin.
(The wildlife and landscape of The Galapagos Islands).

The Cape Crusaders (The American Manned Space Program).

The Apollo Lunar Missions.

Mars: The Red Planet. Past Observations and Robot Missions.

The Great Apollo Lunar Hoax (Did they really land on the Moon?).

The History of Space Exploration Using Robots.

Basic Astrophotography.

The History of Astrophotography.

Digitally Enhancing Astronomical Images.

Please contact me to arrange your talk, or for further information.


Dave Eagle.

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