Barnards Star Revisited

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Barnard’s Star is known as the second nearest star to Earth and also one with the fastest apparent motion.
It lies at about 6 light years away, moves at about 100 miles per second and is approaching us at 87 miles per second.
Even at a relatively fast movement of 10 arc seconds a year, will still take over 180 years to move the same angle as the apparent diameter of the Moon.

I took this image on 28th June 2012 through an 8″ Newtonian with my Nikon.

It shows the position as plotted in Burnham’s Celestial Handbook in July 1960.
I have also plotted another observation I made in June 1996 from a drawing I made at the telescope.

I have also highlighted the position of the star in this latest image.

Boy does it move!


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