Comet 2012 A2 (LINEAR) visits Polaris during November.

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Although it won’t become anywhere near as bright as the two comets expected next year, Comet 2012 A2 (LINEAR) will pass close to The Pole Star in November. Currently in Draco it is about 13th magnitude. It passes close to Polaris on the 23rd of November.
At this time it should have gained a magnitude at about magnitude 12.

By Mid December the comet will be close to the star Alrai (Gamma) in Cepheus.

As it will be so easy to find at this time, I know it’s faint, but go on, give it a go.

Path of Comet 2012 A2 (LINEAR) end of October until the end of the year.
(Comet moving from left to right).
(Click on image for a bigger view).


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  • Irene Baron

    Thanks for the information about ISON. Did you use Celestia for the diagrams?

    If you comment on ISON again, I would appreciate a copy of your blog. May I have permission to use information you have on my blog?


  • Eagleseye

    Hi Irene,

    Yes, please use the info, but please include a link back to my pages.

    I used Sky Safari on a Mac to produce the diagrams.

    Yes, that is retrograde motion of ISON.

    Clear skies,


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