First session of 2013.

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The clouds finally parted at a time when I was able to get out and do some astronomy.
It seems such a long time ago since I’ve been out.

I wanted to test my new 10-20mm lens that my wife gave me money towards for my combined Xmas & birthday prezzie.

Despite the light pollution from my back garden I was able to reveal the Milky way stretching right from Gemini (Open Star Cluster M35 is down in bottom right), into Cygnus (Deneb top left).

I see that I am going to have so much fun with this lens…

I then set the scope up to take an image of Comet C/LINEAR 2012K5.
It was in the southern part of Auriga and just visible in my main scope as a hazy smudge.
Unfortunately, just as I got 3 images in the bag, it clouded over again bringing my great observing start to 2013 to a crashing halt.

A small taster of what might be coming later in the year?




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  • Kenny

    Hi, I’ve been watching a lot of the YouTube stuff recently, and there seems to be a lot of people pointing out that certain areas in space that are being blocked off from view deliberately, they say somethings coming our way that we are not supposed to know about.
    Is this true or just rubbish.
    If true, then maybe the program being shown live on UK TV for the next few days would be a great opportunity to get it out in the open, I think its call Night Watch and starts Tuesday.

  • Eagleseye

    The program is called Stargazing Live and will be shown on BBC 2.
    There are some live events organised all round the country as well.
    I will be adding some of the events close to me on my blog later.


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