Star Moving Through Saturn’s rings

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An 11.5 magnitude star is due to pass behind Saturn on the 25th of February.

From the UK, it will emerge from the eastern limb of Saturn just after rising.

It will slowly move through the faint Crepe (C) ring.

It will reach the B ring at about 02:30.

The star should peek through the Cassini Division at about 04:30h.
This will probably be better imaged with a CCD or planetary camera.

It will then pass behind the A ring.

About an hour later the star will emerge completely.


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  • Helmut

    can you please give me the catalog number of the star that is going to be occulted?
    I tried to simulate it in cartes de ciel but couldn’t.
    (You are talking about the night 24/25. February, right?) I am located in southern Germany an would like to give it a try (weather permitting)
    Thank you.

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