Comet ISON Observers Guide.

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My Observers Guide to Comet ISON is now available as a free download in PDF format.

Containing maps and charts to help you find the comet while observing and costing you nothing, how could you not?





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  • Matt Gower

    Hi Dave,
    Excellent job on all your work ….. I live in Tasmania, Australia, an fantastic place to watch the night sky! I saw your website on CNN and wanted to check it out!
    I have a question I hoped you may be able to answer: When will be the best date to catch this comet in all it’s glory in Tasmania? Will ISON be a equally visible from the southern hemisphere? I would love some advice if you have time to respond to this!
    Keep up the good work,



  • Dave Eagle

    It will essentially be a northern sky object once it passes perihelion. But it should be visible from the southern hemisphere as it approaches and just after.

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