Absolute Lunacy – 10th November 2016

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So, the Moon’s back with a vengeance swamping the deep sky objects, so what do you do?
Lunar imaging, of course!
Taken using my 190 Mak-Newt and DMK41 camera with a 2x Barlow lens.
Gassendi (43 miles in diameter) and surroundings. as_p60_multi_drizzle15_video0007-16-11-10-21-00-29_g3_b3_ap363-ws

Clavius (140 miles in diameter) and surroundings. 2 Part montage.as_p60_multi_drizzle15_video0005-16-11-10-20-56-21_g3_b3_ap422-w_stitch-ws
Sinus Iridum & Mare Imbrium. 4 part montage.as_p60_multi_drizzle15_video0009-16-11-10-21-02-44_g3_b3_ap554-crop_stitch-ws
The very elongated crater Schiller emerging from the darkness and the surrounding area.as_p60_multi_drizzle15_video0013-16-11-10-21-07-24_g3_b3_ap639crop_stitch-ws

Tycho (53 miles in diameter) and surrounding area.as_p60_multi_drizzle15_video0015-16-11-10-21-09-43_g3_b3_ap876-ws

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