A Tasty Comet Sandwich – 20th March 2017

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After I got back from work, the rains had cleared to leave a clear sky.

Venus, just 5 days from conjunction was very low after dark, so I shot out there as soon as I got home to catch it before the Sun set. It was easily found, very bright and extremely thin. A great view in the scope, and phase easily visible in the finder scope. I took some colour webcams, and broadcast a live video on Facebook, before switching to the Venus filter and monochrome. The atmosphere was extremely turbulent, but the filter helped enormously.

The lower picture shows just how much the planet has changed over the last couple of weeks as it approaches inferior conjunction. This occurs on the 25th.

After dinner, the sky was dark enough for some comet hunting.
Comet 41P which is located close to The Plough was first. About 8th magnitude but brightening as it approaches perihelion. It will be close to M108 and The Owl Nebula on the evening of the 22nd.

After that, my next target was Comet 45P, definitely fading and looking very diffuse now.

Rising in the north eastern sky, and just clearing the neighbours house, was Comet C/2015 V2 Johnson. Now this is what a comet SHOULD look like.

 Last but not least, Big Jupiter was rising in the eastern sky. So, the colour Webcam came out. A quick Live feed on Facebook before capturing an image. Now that is a VERY tasty Comet Sandwich.

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